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Who is using QlickPath?

  • Cloud / SaaS

    Cloud/ SaaS solution providers have known for years that performance problems can impact customer experience and have a huge impact on revenues, renewals, brand perception and overall user satisfaction. Large and well known providers have elevated their performance as a point of differentiation, and they publish regular reports on it. In a Cloud / SaaS environment, users are typically not based to a fixed geography and leverage an extremely wide range of technologies including ISPs, desktops and browsers. Any of these points in the application delivery chain can impact performance.

  • Retail

    Ensuring great online customer experiences is more challenging today than ever before. Smartphones, tablets and multiple browsers, coupled with native mobile applications, cloud computing and virtualization, makes it increasingly difficult to manage web and non-web application performance. When it comes to important online retail transactions, such as adding items to a shopping cart, checking shipping costs, viewing product demonstrations and completing purchases — performance matters.

  • Media

    Daily online information, news, gaming and entertainment, application performance not only matters, it is the delivery channel of a core part of the business which matters. These users hold online media and entertainment businesses responsible for performance and experience they have with their services, regardless of where a problem or issue may reside.

  • Government

    Small delays in the performance of electronic records & tasks which will be performed thousands of times a day by users on healthcare & governmental sites. Think about personal ID documents, building licenses, health records, School or university records, patient records — which can add up to a big loss records, data and efficiency. They also create a corresponding increase in user frustration.

  • Finance

    Online transactions like banking, insurance records, cash management, money transfers and selling investment services — application performance matters! Can your financial business afford problems? Absolutely not. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your web applications 24/7, remaining vigilant for outages or degraded applications.

That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your web applications 24/7, remaining vigilant for outages or degraded applications.

It’s even smarter to monitor externally, from the user’s point of view. You’ll catch problems before your customers flee to the competition, plus find ways to optimize your site going forward. It’s smart protection for your website, brand and bottom line.

See how your site performs for real end users. Get the deepest views possible. QlickPath does not collect personally identifiable information on users. All monitoring data is anonymous and aggregate.