QlickPath - for advanced technologies in web performance analytics & fraudulent activities to optimise and protect your business.

Why QlickPath?

When using QlickPath, IT organizations can realize the following benefits:

  1. Monitor the “roundtrip” experience of real application users live, and alert on for example SLA violations.
  2. Send alerts on service level agreements (SLA) violations.
  3. Accelerate performance troubleshooting and remediation. Give warnings signs of application performance problems and take preventive action.
  4. Eliminate “finger-pointing” among teams, promoting cooperative approaches to solving problems.
  5. Trend historical performance of an application to detect or confirm performance degradation.
  6. Give inside on the user experience & behaviour.
  7. Provide insight into time in the spent the applications and infrastructure components on the network and at the client.

What’s our promise?

QlickPath is an independent provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, media, retail, telecommunications, information services, financial services (banking & insurance), media and advertising sectors. QlickPath applies its unique & advanced technologies in web -performance analytics & -fraudulent activities to help its customers optimise and protect their businesses.


Leadership team

norbert 54Norbert Heijke, CEO.

Norbert brings more than two decades of experience managing the rapid growth of Internet-scale companies. Prior to joining QlickPath, Norbert was setting up the EU operations for webMethods and Systinet. Norbert spent four years at Cisco Systems, building a world wide corporate sales progam.

Ernst Nolte, Founder, Research & development

Ernst is QlickPath’s founding father; in 2007 he had the idea that websites performance will become over time more and more crucial for business success. Ernst has been a tech entrepreneur for almost 20 years. He was Founder of Geckotools, Geckotech, Cloud Companyon.


WietseWietse Bakker, Research, Analytics & development

Wietse turns ideas into products, re-defining QlickPath and leading the effort to build the QlickPath web analytics and validation platform. Wietse has been building world-class products for more than 15 years in engineering and consulting roles at Imtech and Microstrategy.