QlickPath works with a number of types of partners: Technology, OEM, Reseller, Country & Consulting


Geckotech is a young and dynamic software company with a passion for software development and a strong belief that professional high quality software development should be within everybody’s reach and not just for big companies with big budgets. They love a good technical challenge so if you think your problem is too difficult or expensive to solve, give them a call. They would love to prove you wrong.

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IntroMediates realize growth and development of ambitions in the field of marketing & sales management based on advanced software products. Passion for intelligent software is translated into business analysis on sales and product knowledge, performance optimization, process intelligence and specific (mobile) applications. “IntroMediates realizes measurable improvements in almost all cases, even when our clients think they have optimized business processes. We have clients in retail / wholesale, financial, digital media and telecom institutions. Leading companies are Randstad, McDonalds, Prisa, KPN and ABN AMRO”

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Geckotools specializes in facilitation of the software development process through the right tools. They provide a hosted service that will satisfy all your tooling requirements for all aspects of the development process from issue tracking and project management to source code management and collaboration software and also eventual deployment infrastructure.

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Innovation Trampoline

You have some ideas on how you can improve the bottom line of your business, and they are brilliant. We add some more ideas, we bounce them up and down, up and down, and then magic happens. Innovation Trampoline will bring this idea to life, by making use of technology. We take care of the detail and the complexities, you take care of your business.

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Fieber is an IT service provider which delivers cloud computing in a simple cost effictive way. Fieber uses existing and proven IT technology & telecom operators to corporations to support them to deliver their business easier. Standard but customized to the customer demands. Flexible and fast. The IT services we deliver are usually using fiber technologies.

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Altosoft products take BI to a higher level, delivering advanced functionality while making your BI work faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

These process-aware solutions eliminate the cost and complexity of conventional BI while delivering advanced functionality for operational performance improvement. Altosoft’s revolutionary, 100% codeless approach features ultra low-latency data monitoring and analysis across operational databases, warehouses, and other data sources; integrates real-time event monitoring and business process optimization; and enables dashboard development in minutes with a unique browser-based, drag-and-drop interface.

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