QlickPath Performance Analytics

The QPA software analyses a web application based on how it is experienced by its users and supplies detailed feedback about its performance to stakeholders:


You are having performance problems and your suppliers claim that everything is operating within specification. If you test your site through the QPA, you will get an independent report that helps you pinpoint the cause of your performance problems.


The web application owner is not satisfied with the performance of the application at certain customers.

What we offer

Performance measurements from a user’s perspective.

Anyone can use our application. No IT experience necessary.

The QPA application can be used without any modifications. Plus, no installation necessary.

The QPA software runs in the cloud and can easily be accessed via applicatie.qlickpath.com.

No configuration to your application is required by IT - there are no tags needed on the web pages.

Our Promise

The bottlenecks become visible; for example; problems with specific browser version, specific location or timeframes where the problems arise.

With a subscription fee to the service this can be continuously monitored, trends that are limited in acceptable performance can be detected before they break.

Independent measurements to report what the Site Performance Index will be.

With these insights you will improve your control over your web application and this will ultimately improve customer satisfaction.